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why we exist

Most women with melanin rich skin stuggles with dark spots so we created skincare products,that helps to eliminate them.Which ensures your skin stays balanced and even.


I really enjoy the detoxifying facial mask also helps with my acne-prone skin.

Leria E.

I am so happy!!! This has saved my skin! It is completely unscented and gentle.


I have to use this forever because even though I’m 30 my skin still breaks out so much so this is the only way to control my acne

Maria Hocain

I am a makeup artist and I love using this product on my face as well as my clients .It remove make up very well including hard to remove matt lipstick.

Nikki J.

I started with the moisturizer, I love this brand, like for real!! It has bits of coconut in it, light weight, no burning sensation!! Feels good on my skin, will probably end up ordering the entire collection!!

Anita S.

Such a Great Products. Highly Recommended!


I love the product sooo much!!

Sharon W.

I didn’t realize this was a cleanser at first. When I read the directions I said, oh. Seems to be a lite and easy make up removal go to. Can’t wait to try it!

Nikkia N

I love how moisturized this makes my skin feel. I have a couple wrinkles on my forehead that have appeared within the last year or so. I'm sure it's from sun damages. I'm in the process of trying to repair my skin. So far so good. This serum is slowly diminishing the appearance. The more moisturized your skin is the better the appearance.

Kendra H.